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The manufacturing industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation driven by technological advancements and rising market expectations. The demand for high-quality, efficiently produced, and eco-friendly products places pressure on traditional manufacturing methods.

This scenario is further complicated by the need to integrate legacy systems with technological innovations.

With the rise of Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing, there is a growing expectation for companies to invest in digital solutions.

However, digital transformation is not an easy task; it requires a well-thought-out strategy and the ability to adapt quickly to changes.

According to a new global survey by IBM, 78% of Brazilian business leaders plan to invest in technology in the coming years.

This number is higher than in countries such as the USA, Japan, Germany, and the UK, demonstrating the recognition of the importance of technological innovation for competitiveness and market survival.

Your Transformation Journey with Iteris

Iteris deeply understands the challenges of the manufacturing sector and has the expertise to assist your company on the digital transformation journey. Our solutions include:

Connectivity and integrations between systems and departments

Real-time response systems

Management reporting and performance tracking

Cloud computing to optimize infrastructure, increase capacity, and reduce costs

Artificial Intelligence applied to process improvement and problem identification in machinery and processes

Big Data platforms for sensor data ingestion and real-time automation creation

Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize factory floor processes and intelligent sensors

More than offering ready-made solutions, we tailor our technologies to meet the specific needs of your business.

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