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Challenges and Evolution in the Payments Sector

The transformation of the Payments industry is evident. What was once defined by human relationships and interactions now encompasses nearly all digital channels. In this new era, the distinction among players goes beyond their histories—it’s the effectiveness and innovation of their digital solutions that resonate.

The challenges are plentiful: adapting swiftly, ensuring quality digital experiences, and maintaining secure and swift operations. Technology is not merely a tool but the foundation for a digital future.

With more digital channels, the sector needs to update its infrastructure to meet demand. A good user experience is crucial, and providing clear and secure interactions is vital to retaining customers.

True innovation lies not only in embracing technology but in seamlessly, effectively, and securely integrating it. Hence, the importance of choosing the right IT partner is paramount.

Iteris and Fiserv

60-day acquirer development

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Your Transformation Journey with Iteris

Experience and Expertise

Iteris has a track record of successful projects with several leading players in the industry. Our business know-how allows us to contribute innovative ideas across various solutions.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

We develop MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to drive innovation in the payments sector, such as a complete framework for PIX payments.

Open Finance

A comprehensive framework for contactless payments, such as Tap on Phone, among others.

Holistic Vision and Agility

We have experience in implementing solutions that cover card payment processes, including integration with Payment Gateways, data capture, and processing security, for example. Plus, complete acquirer frameworks in less than 6 months.

Security First

Our projects are meticulously developed with a focus on security architecture, ensuring that transactions are shielded against potential threats and fraud.

Communication and Engagement Channels

We develop channels using intelligent chatbots, conversational artificial intelligence, and custom mobile apps for dynamic, personalized, and frictionless interaction with end-users.

Transform the payments market with innovative solutions. Take the next step and drive your company in the digital landscape.

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