Main challenges faced by companies in need of Product Design

  • Failures in Digital Transformation
  • Absence or incipient design culture
  • Competitive disadvantage compared to the competition
  • End-users with unresolved issues
  • Lack of knowledge about user needs and pain points
  • Limited product lifecycle
  • Challenges in implementing UX and design
  • Product and digital solution ideas that need to be tangible

Product Design is the act of creating functional, aesthetic, accessible, credible, functional, and easy-to-use products, taking into account the user experience, interface, features, and, above all, the ability to solve user problems.

According to the Gartner Group report, 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of its existing customers. This highlights the importance of user-centered design in retaining customers.

Why Invest in Product Design?

Alignment between strategy, product lifecycle, and design
Precise guidance for creating digital products or services
Increased user engagement
Innovation in experience, usability, interface, and design
Creation of intuitive, desirable, and valuable experiences and interfaces
Understanding and addressing different user perspectives and real needs
Establishing robust processes and achieving design scalability
Putting the user/customer at the heart of the process
Taking ownership of product or service delivery with rigorous quality control over the experience and interface

Our Services

We work with three main pillars to ensure the best experience for users and to maximize business results:

Product Discovery

In this phase, we conduct a strategic discovery process, conducting a series of research, interviews, tests, and dynamics with users and stakeholders. This allows us to better understand user profiles, their journeys, and needs.

We also dedicate ourselves to building the journey, analyzing metrics, and benchmarking to understand the product’s position in the market and emerging trends.

UX Design and UI Design

After understanding the user and the market, we work to align the business’s vision with user needs. For this, we develop information architecture and design the product’s experience and interfaces.

This step involves a careful balance between aesthetics and functionality to create an intuitive interface that is valuable to the user, helping to solve everyday tasks and delivering the necessary value within each context.

Product Delivery

We conduct usability tests and validate the experience with users. This phase is crucial to ensure that the final product meets customer expectations and achieves its business objectives.

We also establish a plan for continuous improvement to adapt and optimize the product based on feedback and market changes.

By choosing Iteris for your product design, you are opting for a partner with extensive experience, focused on delivering value and business-oriented results. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and vision.

We use our experience and expertise to create customized solutions that align user needs with business objectives.

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