The world is diverse, and we believe that the Iteris culture should reflect that.


Since the beginning of our operation in 2009, Iteris has embodied a culture that creates opportunities for the development and growth of our employees within the company. Over the years, we realized that it was not enough to make changes solely internally; as a company, we also had a social responsibility to do more.

Therefore, in 2021, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee was established, composed of a multidisciplinary team supported by the entire company’s leadership. With the goal of promoting a culture of inclusion, acceptance, and the appreciation of diversity, the Committee is engaged in various initiatives alongside the #TeamIteris.

Our Causes

We have directed our efforts towards the training and inclusion of minorities in the technology industry, such as women, Black and brown individuals, LGBTQIAPN+ community, low-income individuals, and refugees. These efforts are supported by strategic partnerships with institutions dedicated to integrating these groups into the tech job market.

In addition, the Iteris Diversity and Inclusion Committee leads Affinity Groups in three different areas: Women, Ethnic and Racial Equity, and LGBTQIAPN+ People. Learn more about them:

Women in Technology

Since 2020, Iteris has actively worked to increase the presence of women in the technology industry by creating affirmative positions in our hiring processes.

With the establishment of the Affinity Group, internal initiatives have been intensified, promoting discussions and actions on topics related to women in IT, female leadership, imposter syndrome, and anti-silencing measures.

Ethnic and Racial Equity

In a country where more than half of the population identifies as Black or brown, it is essential for us as a company to combat ethnic and racial inequality in the corporate environment.

The goal of this Affinity Group is to discuss and propose actions related to Black culture, colorism, racism, inclusion, and equity.

Inclusion and Psychological Safety for LGBTQIAPN+ Individuals

More than just hiring diverse individuals, we need to create an environment where they feel free and secure to be themselves.

Therefore, the group aims to bring together all LGBTQIAPN+ community members at Iteris and work towards advancing their careers, fostering discussions about the groups and work, to promote gender and sexual expression diversity and reduce potential oppressions in the workplace and the world.

Our programs

SomoS Program

Through the SomoS Program, Iteris partners with NGOs and social enterprises from across the country to support the inclusion of individuals from minority groups in the job market. In recent years, we have partnered with Digital Favela, Recode, Programadores do Amanhã, Reprograma, Projeto Semear, Resilia, Mais1Code, Toti Diversidade, and AfroPython. Together, SomoS and Hackathon Decola have trained approximately 230 professionals in recent years.

Hackathon Decola

The Hackathon Decola is Iteris’ internship program focused on the development and training of new professionals in the IT field, with 50% of the selection spots dedicated to women.

Candidates have the opportunity to participate in a development marathon and receive intensive training in one of the programming languages used at Iteris. The top-performing individuals during the challenge are hired for the Hackathon Decola Internship Program and undergo 16 weeks of training before being assigned to our clients’ projects.

D&I Week

Diversity Week, which takes place in June, Pride Month, celebrates the diversity of people at Iteris beyond the LGBTQIAPN+ community, highlighting the complexity and richness of differences in bodies, colors, ethnicities, and, above all, individuals.