Main Challenges Faced by Companies in Need of Agile Delivery

  • Focus on Problem Solving:
    How to direct work to focus on the real resolution of the end user’s problem?
  • Initiative Prioritization:
    Definition and focus on business-critical initiatives.
  • Cultural Change:
    Breaking rigid structures and promoting collaboration, transparency, and shared responsibility.
  • Optimizing Resource Usage:
    Allocating resources and team work efficiently by identifying real problems in the workflow to avoid waste.
  • Low Engagement:
    How to keep the team engaged and constantly developing skills.

Why Invest in Agile?

Increased Team Engagement
Clarity of Tools and Responsibilities
Mitigation of Technical Risks
Quality from the Beginning
Quick Testing and Learning
Productivity and Cost Reduction
More Frequent Deliveries

Our Methodology

We use agility as a means to enable digital transformation.

We aim to solve real end-user problems through a culture of experimentation, building, measuring, and learning together in the process of validating a hypothesis.

Iteris ensures efficiency and effectiveness through a continuous workflow divided into three main stages that repeat throughout the development cycle:

Solution Path

The team seeks to understand the challenges and identify the best routes to solve them.

Team Formation and Leadership

Development efforts and customer experience are prioritized.

Continuous Improvement

Performance is measured through indicators, and there is a focus on continuous improvement.

Why Choose Iteris?

Iteris’ purpose is to collaborate in solving end-user problems through a culture of experimentation, improving work methods, and contributing to delivering more value to the client’s business.

Iteris stands out for its agility in adapting to client needs and its commitment to developing lasting relationships.

For three consecutive years, Iteris has been named a leader in the ISG quadrant in the Agile Application Development Projects category.”

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